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    Heyyy guys let’s speak English please, for fun and also to better it.

    If there are people that are good at it please help us and correct us.


    have a nice day

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    Thanks Sara

    I am happy you wanna join that’s awesome


    hello well i think that i am able to survive speaking english


    may be I will not but I took the risk and created this post


    Any language is just a practice girls , it will get very easy once you incorporate it into your daily life , either by listening to music and learning the lyrics or watching a movie without the french translation on , or just read few articles in english .


    I think I am not included in this post cause it is not morning for me (just joking. What a wonderful idea young lady.

    I couldn’t agree more Sara, it is just a question of practice and incorporating it into daily life. I remember when I came to Australia 7 years ago I couldn’t make a proper sentence, and understanding was another issue. but I did not have any choice there was “les feux de l’amour” on TV and I love it so I sat there watched and watched until I started to understand and learn. That is my story with English



    good evening to you rasiry ,
    i kind of went through a similar story , when i moved to Dubai 8 years all i knew of english was a couple of famous words , so imagine getting into the 9th grade with that in an english speaking school i was sure to fail, i used to come back home crying every single day in the first week and would never guess i would graduate from an american university , but than i took lessons for around a month , the rest i did it by myself through music , movies , friends etc .
    i’ve got to admit we Algerians are pretty flexible when it comes to language , knowledge of french helps a lot as well .


    Hello everybody

    Thank you :yesyes: , it’s also a great way to exchange our opinions, we began to meet on a subject that was nice. I love this language and the greatest part in this forum mastering well.

    OK let’s go with anglish

    Shakerpear William is not far away ….. :ordi:



    hello girls, this is a very good idea that way we will learn together english in addition we have our tati Darine with us :yesyes:
    even if i don’t have english at university but i try to not forget what i have learned,by make the translation of the songs and waching to american movies on MBC2….
    and correct me please if i make mistakes


    Hello every one ,what a nice idea to open a topic concerning the English language :yesyes: :yesyes:.I hope we can lean from one another and express ourselves using this language :pompomgirl: :yesyes:
    so long :biz: :biz:


    je commence des cours d’anglais bientot les filles :mrgreen:

    après je vien vous rendre visite :starmusic:


    It’s a great idea !
    cause I really need to improve my english…


    hello guys,
    happy you liked this post
    me too, I had little English at Uni, but I love the language, I read a lot in English, watch movies and listen to songs.


    It is a trés good idea! Let us speak English his about fact for a long time that I do not use him any more malgrés that in my domain this language is indispensable! My stay of 6 months has london my good to train. In the big passage kisses mélia how go you? I indeed hope!


    oh wow ! i didn’t know so many of you speak english ! thats really good :taureau:

15 sujets de 1 à 15 (sur un total de 1,451)
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